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Slimjet is a leading provider of precision cutting and sintered metal grinding technology. A basic, consumer-friendly download of Slimjet's FatMax Free. The free download of FatMax includes; installing the FatMax Grinding Software, the 24-Hour Repair Toolbox, and ThinAir Airflow Mufflers. You are required to sign up at Slimjet's website for the download. When signing up for a download, you will be given a unique, unique ID number, which will be used for all future downloads of the software. This unique ID number is a guaranteed way to prevent fraud on the part of some scammers who will claim to be able to download your free download.

To get your download, you will need to first log into your account on the FatMax. Then, just click the "Download" link, enter your unique ID number, and click "Continue." After you have done this, you should receive a confirmation message. Just in case it does not come through, just try another e-mail or computer address. After you have downloaded your free download, open the file and run the FatMax driver which will install the software onto your computer.

The next step after you have installed the software is to delete any files that were installed by the installation. Go to the start menu, and type "Control Panel," and then go down to the System tab, click the Maintenance tab, click the Add and Remove Programs button, and then delete FatMax. A dialog box will appear stating that it will delete some applications. Just click "Yes" when it asks you to confirm, and then close the dialog box. Then, click the Add and Remove Programs button, select FatMax again, and then click OK to go back to the system management page.

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